Spring is Springing! (at last)

There's a fair bit of action in my back yard, but of course I should say 'our' back yard because that's only fair and right. I say 'my' because I do most of the work, excluding mowing. I have not mowed since 1988 and I see no reason to start now.
Getting back to the yard and the action thereof. The squirrels have been chasing each other around quite madly, providing huge excitement for the dogs on both sides of the fence. They, the dogs, have been sunning themselves on the deck or the last patches of snow depending on their levels of previous exertion.
The first grackles are back; the males are strutting around, puffing out their chests, "Look at me; I am so cool." while the ladies titter behind their fans.
The mourning doves have paid a visit to the decorator fence, just checking. Soon there will be a row of them sitting there, pretending to be minding their own business and when next I look up there will be a ball of feathers, as in a ball of feathers. This ball will disengage and separate into 3 birds. The one in the middle always gives herself a shake and says, "Well, that was exciting!"
A pair of robins are twittering at each other, one fly-dashing at the other, then he interrupts the courtship to chase away the competition. They resume their springtime dance. "Baby, baby, I love you." ♫ ♫
Astonishingly, the crocuses are peeking their brave little heads out. I want to shout, "Hurray, hurray!!!" but it wouldn't do for the neighbour children to hear a middle-aged lady lose her marbles (they think). So, I whisper, "Hurray, hurray!!!" and it's almost as good.
A few other green leafy things are poking their heads out, too. Being just a 'pretend' gardener, I haven't got a clue what they are but at this time of year 'Green is Good'. When the dandelions are threatening to take over, I will try to forget I said that!
The snow is disappearing rapidly; soon I will find out if the rhubarb survived. If it did, I'm changing my designation and dropping 'pretend'. I will henceforth call myself a Gardener. It will be the same as old actors finally getting the Lifetime Achievement Oscar. Well, almost the same. I'm much younger than Peter O'Toole.

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