I Just Do Not Get This.....

There are things I just do not understand. Most of these non-understandable things, I accept. Cash registers, quantum theory, sines and cosines. They work; they are; fine.
There are things that I disagree with, oppose, celebrate that they no longer exist, but I understand. Women as the weaker sex (just because they didn't do those dreadful broadsword wielding exercises, yeah, they were weaker), illiteracy and innumeracy (keeping the chosen few up and thumbs down on everyone else), public hanging, (it was supposed to be a deterrent), and so on and so on.
There are other things, though, that rattle around and refuse to go away. They pop up in insomniac moments.
What's up with debtor's prison?
A plan of Newgate, London
Why would you put a guy who owes you money into jail? Wouldn't it make more sense to get the guy a job so he could pay you back? If the idea is punishment, the place was a town; the whole family could live there. Maybe that was the punishment....your wife on your case 24/7! "OMG look at the size of those rats! Charlie's got a nice place for his family, why can't you get a bigger cell? Check out those fleas, yada, yada, yada."
By all accounts it was a terrible place, but I still don't get it......
Long skirts. Why would you wear them all the time? Especially if you're poor? You could make 2 pairs of pants out of one skirt. The Chinese women wore pants, in fact, high born ladies wore them. Very sensible. Not only are skirts more expensive than pants, they collect dirt, and vermin, and water when walking around the unpaved streets of a medieval town. Who thought of this?
All I can say is: Lamebrain. But really, almost as much Lamebrain to all of us for putting up with this nonsense for so long.

These troubling things, on a scale of 1 to 10 rate about .0001, I know, but they, among other curious thoughts, keep me amused and harmlessly occupied in my sleepless bed. They obviously also keep me occupied when I should be dusting!

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