Regrets (Part Two)

There are always regrets; I simply do not believe that we are capable of making perfect choices. Is there not a poem about the path not taken....and the not taken one, even if the other is a gorgeous path, is the one we regret?
My big regret is that I don't have a degree. It's not that I didn't have the university experience, or that I lack an education.  It's taken a while but I finally realize that is, quite simply, that I don't have that piece of paper hanging on my wall.
My favourite mathematician, Blaise Pascal, says we build big houses not for ourselves but mainly to impress other people. It's very probably for the same reason that we hang things on our walls. I know I would! I would go to a professional framer, put down my money and say, "Fly at 'er." which is ungrammatical and terribly idiomatic and means exactly what I would want it to mean at that moment. Then it would arrive back at my home, and I would take a selfie with the framed proof of my accomplishment right next to my smiling, albeit, somewhat middle aged face and send that off to all our friends. That would be in the future.
If I would have gone to university as a young woman I probably wouldn't have had all those children. Which ones would I not have had? Would I even have met my husband? Would I be healthier? Would I be better off financially? Even that is a maybe.
At 60+, I am realizing
that all life is a maybe. Every path taken moves us along to another crossroads, another choice and ultimately, to another decision. We need to remind ourselves that for the most part our decisions weren't terrible ones and we still have time to remedy one or two that we really, really regret. Or we could just sit down with ourselves and have a little talk and come to the conclusion that what we thought was so important, turns out to not be that big a deal after all.

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