A New Word

I'm an avid reader, and a good one, too. It's one of my little secret (and not so secret now that I'm blogging about it) snobberies. I've read a fair amount of trash -the better to tell what it is, my dear- but I also read some pretty good stuff. I love David Copperfield, The Cardinal, The Name of the Rose etc. However, just because I think Pax Brittania is riveting, anyone who loves Agatha Christie can't be all bad, can they?
Having confessed all this, you can better understand my pleasure when I discovered a totally new word! Not only was there this totally New Word but it was submersed in a paragraph with two other words of dubious meaning!!!! Are you with me? Are you feeling, albeit vicariously, the joy?
Otiose. That was it. I say again, otiose. What a lovely word! What a perfectly winning Scrabble vowel using word! What does it mean? Rush, rush to Google, the definer of all words ordinary, weird, and wonderful.
Useless. That's right, that's it, folks. Not having any practical purpose, in short, useless.
What a find! The next time I need to insult someone, but subtly,with that tiny vengeance seeking corner (second secret now out in the open) we ALL keep well tucked away from public scrutiny, I won't be so common as to whisper, "D***head." Instead, I shall say in a firm but necessarily quiet (just in case they've read this blog!)voice, "Otiose." Otiose, otiose. In and of itself, not otiose at all.

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