What Shall I Do Now? 4th try

I wanted to totally redo this blog. My goal is smart, funny, flighty, serious, well crafted,  insightful  and (dare I hope?) with a loyal following. Read: a teensy bit famous.
Then I realized that the redo is going to take some work. Fame is not going to find me in my kitchen. Hey, I've heard of the 10,000 hours and I'm not getting any younger. Do I even have 10,000 hours?
The challenge here is maintaining insightful, well crafted, interesting etc. etc. 
Should I share my experiences growing up in the wilds of Ontario in the olden days? Does anyone want to know about my year in a German convent boarding school? What about My Life as a Guest of the Government? Nice ring, that. 
The problem with being even slightly autobiographical is that sooner or later you are going to embarrass the shit out of your family. 
Then I thought, "Hey, I'm 66. In 66 years I should have learned something." So maybe I should write an advice column. But my advice would be mostly about silly, shallow things like buying a better bra or applying eye makeup. All you young things  - lining your eyes with black eyeliner...it makes your eyes look smaller. Spend money on a good bra. Spend money on a bra. Column done.
Ah, politics!  There's a nice can of worms to amuse myself with. The thing is: I don't want people to get mad at me RIGHT AWAY. We can save that for my 80"s.
Exercise guru? I could probably wing it but that would be too much like lying. My workout consists of two 25 minute walks a week on an indoor track.
Cooking? Child rearing? Book reviewer?
In the end this blog is going to be what it was. A bit of this and a bit of that. But I am older now so I think I will put a bit more of myself out there. My friends won't mind and the people who mind, well, they can just get over themselves.

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