Define your terms

Gracious: polite, kind, pleasant, elegant in a way associated with the upper classes or wealth, showing God's grace.

Graceless: lacking grace, elegance or charm.

Thank you to the Oxford English Dictionary for this bit of wisdom.

Two things here....The OED has a web site all about dictionaries; the when  and who www.oed.com and it is surprisingly interestingly good reading. The other is that my dictionary was a freebie from The Folio Society www.foliosociety.com. The Folio Society is my second great love , after dishes, but I may have to give it up as it is not a cheap hobby!

I'm hoping that the graceless world is a product of fear mongers and movie producers and that I'm proven wrong on my "aging journey". In the end, I may have grown old gracefully in a grace-filled world.

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