Is My Nose Broadening?

The protagonist in a certain play laments that she's getting noticeably older. "My nose is broadening!", she cries out in despair.
Apparently, Florence Nightingale, in her 80's, was almost unrecognizable as the woman who had gone to the Crimea. 'Her nose had broadened' writes one of her biographers.
 Has mine? I quite liked my young nose, and still do. As a matter of fact, my mother's nose has thinned out a tiny bit and I would never have described my Father's as 'broad'. Not as aquiline as it used to be..... It is what it is, and if I really don't like it, there's always rhinoplasty. Graceful doesn't need to mean natural!
It's interesting how people's faces change. Some of us look so much better in middle age than childhood. It's also wonderful to see so many well-postured people. Terribly stooped and even 'hunch-backed' old people were such a common sight in my youth; that has all but disappeared. I fear though, that the next generation will be round shouldered. Too much time spent hunched over a desk or a devise! Straighten up, you young things; take a lesson from your grandparents and throw those shoulders back!
We need to read more, to become more aware of just how lucky most of us are to have been born in the now and not the then.
In 1850, you had to live with your nose.  

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