Graceful but not Natural

Graceful is certainly not the same as natural. Otherwise, why would I be so happy to receive my Yves Rocher brochures?
Emulating older people, wanting to look older came to an abrupt end after the First World War, 1918.  Youth was so disillusioned with the behaviour of its parents that the parents were no longer the shining example of bygone years.
It was the first time in all of history that older women tried to look younger.
(Sometimes this has disastrous results; witness the mini skirt.)
I don't know that I really want to look younger...I just want to look not so much older! LOL That is truly getting my verbal knickers in a knot.
There is such a thing as age appropriate; yes, I agree. Teenager clothing on the middle aged body is just wrong but wearing ones wrinkles proudly? I'm not comfortable with that yet. Considering the amount of money spent on cosmetics by both sexes, most of us aren't.
This could be another theme: the sin of vanity. When does vanity stop being harmless and become sinful? Mothers sending their daughters for Botox? Is that a lesser sin or a greater one than parents contributing to teenage obesity? Are they perhaps equal?
We're going to go where politically correct people fear to tread and talk about sin on this blog. Not all the time of course; that would be boring.  But more often than never.

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