How Many Baskets.......

I consider myself happily married. Yes, I do. I also consider myself very married which, I must confess, leads occasionally to a misleading degree of complacency. Take baskets, for example. My true-love mentioned he is desirous of one. This is a basket.
Full of goodies type basket

I have several other types in my "What kind of basket can my true-love bring me today?" mind.

Book storing basket

Well mannered and obedient pet holding basket
Alas and alack! This is not what my true-love meant at all! He wanted an inbasket. "An inbasket?" I cried. "Whatever for?"
"For in things." he said.
I was disbelieving. "You don't have anything to put into an inbasket. You don't print out your e-bills."
He got snarly. "Once, just once, I forgot."
"So the inbasket will help you remember." I confess I scoffed. I am a good scoffer. I put feeling and tone into my scoffing. It is not unrecognizable. At which point he yelled.
"Why can't you just say yes? Why do you always have to be in control?"
Why do people ask dumb questions ? "Uh, that's what controlling people do; they like to be in control."
My poor true-love. I promise to practise. "Yes dear, buy as many baskets as you like." By God, that first part is hard to say.

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