I'm not waiting any longer!

I've decided to plunge in....not wait for any more 'Aha moments'. After all, I'm running out of time; what doesn't get done in the next few years is never going to get done. The retirement seminar co-ordinator just plunged right in, too. She gave no quarter, just told it like it is. "You people," she said, "Have far less time than you think." Let me just say that that was a defining moment for my husband. He went out and bought a motor home. I just sat there, still waiting to be moved by whatever spirit moved Grandma Moses.
I am a sixty something (it'll all come out one day, but on a need-to-know basis)
homemaker, in-my deep-soul writer of deep and profound literature but so undisciplined that I don't even scrapbook because it takes too long, and just a little bit regretful that it is so.
This is my attempt to reach out and perhaps? start a little dialogue about our pre-old people lives; how it will play out compared to our hopes and dreams; how it has played out so far.
We're 60+ now; our lives are stained and scarred; there are bad decisions and stupid moves behind us all. Have we learned anything? Will we be nicer than some old people we know? Are we as nice as we can be?

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